About Us

Mission and Objectives

  • Teach the fundamental knowledge and professional skills in sculpture.
  • Cultivate talents in the art of modern sculpture.
  • Integrate the characteristics of eastern and western culture and art and broaden the stage for sculpture.


The Department of Sculpture is the only academic program in the nation that specializes in sculpture. In the 40 years since its inauguration, the program has been the incubator of over 700 professional talents who are the mainstay in the art of sculpture today.


Stage One 1962 – The Academy of Art was established.

The Department of Arts included three programs:
1. Chinese Painting
2. Western Painting
3. Sculpture

Students were required to complete a three-year program.


Stage Two 1965 – The school received approval to establish an independent department of sculpture.


Stage Three 1994 – The Academy was restructured as a college.

The Department of Sculpture was restructured as the College of Sculpture.


Stage Four 2001 – The College was restructured as National Taiwan University of Arts.
The Department of Sculpture was under the College of Arts.



The Department’s curriculum focuses on implementing the cultural characteristics and cultivating talents in modern art. The four-year curriculum includes academic and professional courses. Academic courses include art history and professional theories. Professional courses include the fundamental, professional expertise and advisory courses.

The first and second years focus on the both fundamental techniques and theories to establish accurate concepts in sculpture. The third and fourth years are educational development that focuses on both creativity training and idea cultivation to establish the student’s ability to build personal philosophy and the ability to create independently.

Future Development

  • Enhance local and international courses.
  • Strengthen academic exchange and exhibitions in Taiwan and internationally.
  • Establish the paradigm for academic sculpture programs in Taiwan.
  • Establish the context for academic sculpture programs in Taiwan.
  • Cultivate more talents in the art of sculpture in Taiwan.